Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Prisiliya! You give Cycling a good name! Elsie Gabriel

Happy Birthday Prisiliya Dhananjay Madan ! You truly are a role model for cyclist, filled with grit and determination you show the world that you are all action and no talk!


Entering your 11th day today, its been a grueling and fascinating journey as I follow you all the way from Panvel to Kanyakumari everyday ! You do inspire when you share all your travel tales. Only 21 years of age you are a lady with humility, simplicity,adventure and energy. Rough roads, dark nights, new surroundings, strangers helping, survival on local diets, lonesome shelters, flora and fauna, all your tales reinstate my faith in the universe. Go Girl! You give Cycling a good name!

I loved your ride from Mullikatte to Gorigudda all of 110 Kms non stop you  magnified the essence of support from all quarters of life. I loved the fresh juices, the fish curry and brown rice hospitality stories. Oh yeah ….and all the busy lane trails filled with people who celebrate life!

We are waiting for you to return as I extend my birthday wishes I pray that you as a true cyclist, keep cycling for the right reasons and continue to keep the faith!

Your cycling journey now must have crossed more than 1000 kms and you have taken me all across South India tourism, with your sharing. You helped me discover India as never before, taking me through the most beautiful and interesting aspects of this country; helped me learn about its rich, strange history as well as the weird foibles that make up the Indian culture. More power to your self supported solo tour as you share more about local people and customs. You have grit with out the glamour, the determination and challenge resource of a true noble cyclist.

Happy Birthday once more!


  1. Thank you so much...
    Thanks a lot..

  2. Omg so good to hear from you.Stay safe! More power to you girl....

  3. India is politically and culturally diversified, and to some extent divided also... Only people like Prisiliya still instil the sense of oneness...