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Electric Pulse Resurrects Rock and Roll in the city! Meet Ashyar Balsara, the lead electric guitarist who is here to prove that Rock and Roll is here to stay!



Electric Pulse Resurrects Rock and Roll in the city!
Meet Ashyar Balsara, the lead electric guitarist who is here to prove that Rock and Roll is here to stay!

Elsie Gabriel

Electric Pulse came all the way from Goa to rock the city of Mumbai at Blue Frog last week. And that’s what they did.  And how! With fans screaming for more, they didn’t get a chance to leave the rocking audience they had set on fire…
The atmosphere was electric alright as Ashyar Balsara, the Bands core member struck the electric cords with his magical fingers and ignited the atmosphere. From then on it was raining screams and hysteria as guests on the floor jumped up and down, head bangers and all, it was a total annunciation that rock and roll was here to stay!

Blue Frog of course has the right ambience which positively heaved with massed delight as Electric Pulse slammed out one hard hitting hit after another in a relentless  celebration of rock and roll at its heaviest, thunderous form. The theme of their new album launch was in total sync –Fight for our rights. The band have not been immune to the ravages of time and have dedicated effort to carve out a solid niche in todays music world and I say, they are here to stay!

Watching Asher Balsara rock the stage not only made me proud but also brought back a thousand rock and roll teenage memories. For which I will never be able to thank him and his band ,enough. I have known Asher since he was a school kid, someone always dedicated to his passion. If you follow your dream, fuel it with your passion, I guess you can reach for the stars like Asher! Take that lesson from him.

Ashyar Balsara is the Lead Guitarist of the band and while working in the hospitality industry, Ashyar realised that he wanted to switch gears in his career line. His dedication and self confidence came from a very supportive family I must say, encouraging him and simply letting him follow his dreams. This is the man keeping a watchful eye on the overall sound of Electric Pulse. So, follow Electric Pulse for a good time of unwinding and sheer bliss that resonates with rock and roll, and you got yourself a big bite of the happiness quotient in life.

Resounds Ashyar, “ ‘Fight for Our Right’ was written back in 2008. The theme of the album being overcoming society’s pressures and prejudices, allowing you to be yourself no matter what the circumstances might be.”

The band is juxtapositioned with the right combination of members.Richard Carrasco on the Bass Guitar is an immensely gifted musician and lifts the band higher. Jonathan Dias on the Drums is the youngest member of Electric Pulse, the backbone rhythm of the band stems from him. Anirban Halder who is a Guitarist and Vocalist, keeps the band in sync. The four make a perfect square, all set to resurrect rock and roll with hard hitting offerings. For your next head bangers ball, don’t forget to invite them.

So what are you waiting for,go out and get yourself a copy-The Electric Pulse-Fight for our rights!   

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Prisiliya! You give Cycling a good name! Elsie Gabriel

Happy Birthday Prisiliya Dhananjay Madan ! You truly are a role model for cyclist, filled with grit and determination you show the world that you are all action and no talk!


Entering your 11th day today, its been a grueling and fascinating journey as I follow you all the way from Panvel to Kanyakumari everyday ! You do inspire when you share all your travel tales. Only 21 years of age you are a lady with humility, simplicity,adventure and energy. Rough roads, dark nights, new surroundings, strangers helping, survival on local diets, lonesome shelters, flora and fauna, all your tales reinstate my faith in the universe. Go Girl! You give Cycling a good name!

I loved your ride from Mullikatte to Gorigudda all of 110 Kms non stop you  magnified the essence of support from all quarters of life. I loved the fresh juices, the fish curry and brown rice hospitality stories. Oh yeah ….and all the busy lane trails filled with people who celebrate life!

We are waiting for you to return as I extend my birthday wishes I pray that you as a true cyclist, keep cycling for the right reasons and continue to keep the faith!

Your cycling journey now must have crossed more than 1000 kms and you have taken me all across South India tourism, with your sharing. You helped me discover India as never before, taking me through the most beautiful and interesting aspects of this country; helped me learn about its rich, strange history as well as the weird foibles that make up the Indian culture. More power to your self supported solo tour as you share more about local people and customs. You have grit with out the glamour, the determination and challenge resource of a true noble cyclist.

Happy Birthday once more!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Support Aditya Mehta foundation . Elsie Gabriel

Support Aditya Mehta foundation and help para athlethics.

Elsie Gabriel

Support Aditya Mehta foundation and help para-athlethics! Elsie Gabriel

Young Environmentalists Cyclothon salutes Aditya Mehta!

“So here is to share with all of you with great joy and immense pride that our curtain raiser of Infinity-Ride-2016, The Delhi-Mumbai ride of 1,450 kilometers has finally come to an end today. We have been able to successfully complete our defined targets for each day.” Said Limca world record and silver medalist Aditya Mehta, on his arrival here in Mumbai.

Aditya rode his cycle all the way from Delhi to Mumbai, just on one leg!

aditya mehta pic 2

Adds Aditya, “These 1,450 kilometers from India Gate, Delhi to Gateway of India, Mumbai, were purely heavenly. I thank all my team who remained my support throughout the ride. A voyage with different halts, ever-changing food, distinct people carrying their respective ethnicity but the thing which all of you have shown me in common was your welcoming Smile.”
Aditya has lost one leg due to an unfortunate road accident where one leg had to be amputated. His strength and determination to get back on one leg is that of immense courage and inspiration. He did not keep his own plight to recovery pinnacle to himself, his rise from his disability in fact propelled him to share his success to over come any disability. This ultimately gave rise to the Aditya Mehta foundation which now assists other para athletics to succeed.
Constant research and development keeps Aditya working on improvements towards making the para cycling experience a better one.


“I met so many para-athletes who were suffering. They simply had no support. I really wanted to help them as I was fortunate enough to have the backing to make it all the way. I would help about one or two of them every year with the equipment they need to succeed.”
We at Young Environmentalists pledge our support to the Aditya Mehta Foundation, do you? Donate directly to his foundation, change lives of many para cyclists and other para athletics.

Informs Aditya, “ At Aditya Mehta Foundation our goal is to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the differently abled and in helping differently abled achieve their dreams. The details for support are – “ Aditya Mehta Foundation” Dena bank A/c no-056111023913 Rtgs/ifsc code- bkdn0610561, RP road branch,Secunderabad-500003.”

aditya mehta pic 1aditya mehta piccc

Aditya challenges himself all the time. For instance, the Manali to Khardunga La is the world’s highest motorable road at 18380 feet, with the toughest weather and road conditions for athletes to fight against, but Mehta completed the ride successfully and entered the Limca Book of Records. Aditya hoisted Indian national flag at Khardunga La on August 15, 2014.”

It has been a very tragic journey but he has not wallowed in self pity. His grit is something we can all learn from. “One day, as I was on the road, a bus suddenly hit me from behind. As I fell, I was trying to get my leg out of the way, the tyre of the bus rolled over it.My leg had just been crushed.” Aditya lost his leg but rose from the pain, to motivate the world. And now there is nothing stopping him. Join his journey and support this cause. Aditya wants to start a sports academy for the less fortunate.
This is how he began an ambitious rehabilitation program, now help him help other para athletics.He has decided that he will not let this disability stand in the way of his achievements. Here is one big lesson for us! Aditya’s success is to an ode to his mental prowess!
Aditya Mehta Foundation (AMF) is a non-profit organisation which aids people with disabilities to pursue sports while providing self-sustenance. India has almost 22.4% of people who are disabled in different forms including blindness, speech, hearing, movement and mental. AMF aims to help them reach their potential in their chosen field of sports and help them have a self-sustaining life.
In India 85% of young adults with profound disabilities in India experience life-long unemployment and have just one-tenth the opportunity for social participation outside the home compared with the “average” Indian. Apart from this, many disabled people who would otherwise have been great sports persons cannot pursue their choice of sport due to disabilities. AMF provides all support including equipment, coaching, counseling etc. to help them to pursue sports to instill independence, rehabilitate them and reinstall them into society.
“Our vision is to see a bright sporting career for people with disabilities.”
– Aditya Mehta, Founder of AMF.
We Salute you Aditya!! You cycle for the cycle of life,for others!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trial by Fire – COP21. Elsie Gabriel Know the basics of COP21. You will not have to tell your children that you didn’t know!

Trial by Fire –COP21.

Elsie Gabriel

Know the basics of COP21. You will not have to tell your children that you didn’t know! Nearly 150 global leaders are gathering in Paris amid tight security for a critical UN climate meeting tomorrow November 30th 2015.

The conference, COP21starts on Monday and will try to outline a long-term deal to limit carbon emissions.The summit will try to agree to a new international deal to solve climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The talks are formally known as COP21.

World leaders are gathering to call for an ambitious deal that will avoid a dangerous rise in global average temperatures. The UN wants to agree a truly universal global deal on tackling climate change to prevent global warming exceeding 2 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels this century.

90% of world nations have issued long-term plans for tackling climate change, many global governments have already committed to curbing human activities such as burning fossil fuels that release the gases that interfere with the climate. Just penning it down country wise will not help, it is said, the leaders must agree to assist one another to take the matter forward, after outlines have been agreed upon. This will be the biggest bone of contention.


The trial comes when you have 195 countries to agree on how to deal with the issue of climate change. Every year since 1992 the Conference of the Parties has taken place with negotiators trying to put together a practical plan of action.  The nations pushed solar, renewable, green living habits, sustainable buildings, retaining forests, clean water, carbon footprints involving transport, water, food and even clothings, nearly everything to curb rising temperatures. Although in a parallel fashion we kept becoming more industrialized in order to take hundreds of millions out of poverty. But the carbon dioxide created out of the so called ‘development’ efforts increased  "greenhouse effect", trapping heat on the surface of the planet.

When the earth warms about 2°C above pre-industrial times, scientists say there will be dangerous and unpredictable impacts on our climate system. And we're already close to that danger point.

So the purpose of COP21 at Paris is to work out a path of limiting emissions of greenhouse gases, while allowing countries to continue to grow their economies, and providing assistance to the least developed and those most affected by rising temperatures.So, eventually it has been accepted that poorer countries face the brunt.

Money ,finances and budgets also have a big role in the deciding factor. Who is going to shell out for the transition to renewable energy for countries that can't afford it? Who is going to help underprivileged countries adapt to rising sea levels and more intense droughts and heat waves?

An ambitious deal in Paris would put the world on the pathway to lessening the impacts of climate change, it is hoped. Hope there will not be a hazy compromise as negotiations could get difficult. Keep the faith, while world leaders talk it out, you do your bit and help save your contribution to increasing temperatures.

Of course “sustainability” will not be a fashionable statement anymore, it will be action alone that will save us in the future. This is a call out for each one to thoughtfuly adopt a greener lifestyle for planet earth.Cool it down!

As far as India is concerned, we surely have our POA in place and are not really responsible for half of the worlds pollution but  we require greater degree of financial support and efficient storage technology! Hope India comes back with that action in place, lets wait and see the climate negotiations begin tomorrow. [Log on as the proceedings follow.]

Elsie Gabriel is an award winning author and environmentalist. She is a writer for the Times of India and also the founder of the Young Environmentalists Programme trust.The Cyclothon 2015 to be held in December 13th 7am at Hiranandani Gardens Powai Mumbai is aimed to sensitize citizens about a less polluted world and alternative transport measures. The event will see veteran cyclists who are truly environmentalists in their own way.   She has initiated cycling to school and donate your cycles among the youth which has started out as quite a successful campaign. She can be contacted at 9967347511/

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Leela Mumbai Green Oasis! “Bringing the world closer, with one review at a time”, Holiday IQ by Elsie Gabriel

“Bringing the world closer, with one review at a time”, Holiday IQ

Rapid increasing interest in the travel world by people all over the world, brought Holiday.IQ to get a handful of hardcore travelers and vacation writers together, on a discussion ‘journey’ over luncheon at the LEELAS Mumbai. is an online travel  information portal supported by firsthand comments and reviews from travelers all over the world. Yes, believe it or not they get over  millions views a day, real, organic and true stories, ‘in your face’ true tales, which mince no words. I can tell you that if you simply download the app or visit the site online, you will see that you get minute details and hints of every spot on the planet visited, either in its exotic form or in the raw; blatantly telling you to keep away. So if you are set to travel, simply log onto to Holiday IQ before you pack!!


 All great travel apps have one thing in common, they all solve a problem you didn’t even realize you had. That said, with the Holiday IQ app you will be cutting down journey times, pointing you in the direction of authentic local hangouts, or simply showing you how to ask for the washrooms in the local language or help you to choose the best room in the hotel. So browse well, choose well and after you have travelled, please do get back on and review.

 The Leela never fails to disappoint me when I visit. Green lucious trees and endless plants surround the hotel. Keeping carbon footprints in check right from the entrance all the way upto the equsite lobby.Keeping its promise, at Leela Mumbai I was welcomed with utmost courtesy, totally unrushed at the entrance.

The travellers forum took place at the lobby level quant, little and cozy outlet called the Six Degrees. Vibrant music, small plates and expertly crafted cocktails define Six Degrees, the cosmopolitan bar at The Leela Mumbai. Contemporary d├ęcor and floor-to-ceiling selection of premium beverages helps you later unwind as you sip your drink on their spacious poolside connecting terrace.

Of course we were escorted by Sunila Duggal, the hotels communications expert who has all the sophistication required for the hospitality industry, you can see why the Leelas has an added advantage now.

Going deeper into the labyrinths of the kitchen inside, I considered it a rare privilege. Chef Surender Mohan, showed us the fine details of the kitchen workings. Mohan is a name that needs no introduction, makes you fall in love with Indian dishes all over again! The food at Jamavar is divine.

 Mohan has over fifteen years of experience in mastering the art of Indian Cuisine and his eclectic clientele across the globe consider him a true ambassador of India. His zest to bring the hidden treasures of Indian spices and cuisines to Jamavar is evident from the elaborate menu.

Jamavar is the ultimate Indian dining experience providing the best from northern and southern India. Tender kebabs to rich curries. The ambience is warm and inviting with hand-carved wooden screens and flower laden urlis with floating candles .Being garlanded with fresh flowers was only the start to a whole new journey of Kababs and fresh Indian culinary travels from all across the country. I simply gave in.

Again the decor is high profile contemporary with a good eye for comfort and functionality blend with extravagant opulence inspired by India’s rich history. I have to tell you that the hotel is just a five minute’s drive from the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

If you ask me which corner of the hotel, inspired me the most, it was the poolside which enveloped me with all the greenery and swaying palms. Would you believe it, the Leela offers guests an hour of Yoga by the poolside with their trained instructors, a service with the compliments of the hotel. Cascading waterfalls beckon you outside as you sip your drink inside. You sure can’t miss this world class hotel on your journey to Mumbai India. Take it from me.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Loreto Nepal shines brightly and stands strong!Elsie Gabriel

Loreto Nepal shines brightly and stands strong!

Elsie Gabriel
[Elsie Gabriel is the founder of the Young Environmentalists Programme trust NGO and a Climate Reality Mentor trained by former vice President of USA Mr.Al Gore.She is an award winning author, a certified Green teacher and a post graduate in Environment law. She is an alumni of Loreto Convent Asansol and Loreto College Calcutta India where she graduated with honours in the subject of Education, after which she joined the Mass Communication course in Sophias college Mumbai.]

More than forty smiling bright faces welcomed us, at the Loreto Dharan Nepals  Educational development Center in July 2015 during our social service visit to the center.

The aftermath of the traumatic summer earthquake tremors were still being felt off and on, but the members of the entire Loreto center community were holding strong and confident as ever. The Loreto sisters are a happy and hard working community in Dharan, led by Sister Flora, Sr.Purnima and Sr.Aruna. You can see concrete results of their dedication and training of the student community who live with them in the hostel. From academics to behavior management, the students displayed  warm and active personalities, enriched with love and prayer.

The timetable is well organized for the hostelites to wake up praying and studying. they also take turns in cooking and cleaning, which equips them to be better experienced women in the future. The girls later go to the local afternoon school, very neatly dressed and well groomed.

 The sisters of Nepal also provide educational  and private day care services for ages 1 to 5,helping working and studying mothers from the local community find extra time.


The center is productive yet involves plenty of challenging work. We were happy to reach out to the students and talk to them about the climate change and rehabilitation, the earthquake tremors and its effects .And that it was all part of nature, we also showed them a Climate Reality Presentation where they saw disasters from all over the world happening due to global warming, this helped them see disasters from a more higher perspective and how it effects people equally all over the world.

 We also conducted a talk on the ‘Productive Cloth bag revolution’, on how each one could make one and help stay away from the plastic bags. Stitching one also involved art and craft as well as brought out talent in a person. We distributed cloth bags and silk scarves for the students to get an idea of the productive work they could also conduct.

We rewarded some students  for good behavior shown throughout the year, which  Sister felt is also an important part of the learning process for all students.

We as environment social workers focused on a few days of short but intensely satisfying therapeutic recreation activities for the children which included gardening activities with sapling plantations and reinventing the farm by providing piglets, ducks and hens. During these sessions we found that good team spirit existed.

One could clearly see that the Loreto philosophy of education in Dharan had founded upon strong behavioral support and student accountability. We saw a holistic approach to education that provided the foundation for success and survival in every aspect of a young person’s life, developing good social and behavioral skills.

We also sang songs with the children after dinner and we found the children to be very talented and focused.

 On the last day we cooked a special supper for the children on the wood fire. It was a humbling experience and gave us an insight that the seniors learn to cook here, enabling them to play active and successful roles in families and society.


The multidisciplinary approach at The Educational Development Center placed an emphasis on individual, student-centered learning techniques to help young people complete grade-appropriate course requirements and fulfill their highest level of academic achievement. We found that a special mathematics teacher gave tuition to the students  and coached them for the examinations.

Every night before going to bed, one would hear hymns in praise of God, sung out with so much love and dedication, and gratitude towards life. Every night that we joined them, I would peek through my shut eyes, only to see such innocent faces filled with hope and love, standing in perfect rows, their eyes tightly closed singing away to glory, as the stars blessed them from above in the central portico of the Loreto Fortress.
I encourage you to contact me if you like what you have read about the Loreto Convent Nuns and if you as an alumni could help support the Loreto Convents,it would be great to hear from you.

What more can one ask for in the world, the wealth of love and contentment is all that we really need in life, after all! These are the lessons we came away enriched with. God bless Loreto!


'Women in time to come will do much'  Mary Ward had rightly said.

Loreto Chorus

To East and West of that fair Isle
Where the first Loreto stands,
Loreto's banner now doth fly in many distant lands,
In sunny Spain, on Africa's strand and
Under the Southern Cross
And Westward ho, where rainbow hued
Nigeria's waters toss.


Loreto's banner gaily floats
In lands both East and West
Loreto's name each girl reveres
And holds it ever blest.

But first Loreto found a home beneath our Indian skies
Where now o'er plain and mountain peak
The well loved banner flies.
Loreto's standard bearers we
In girlhood springtime gay
O may we e'er be loyal and true
To the school friends of today.

And when our school days ended are
And our varied paths divide O may the ideals of our youth
Still ever be our guide;
High ideals of purity, of duty and of truth
Learnt while we bore Loreto's flag
In the sunny days of youth.



Monday, July 27, 2015

Enter the Dragon and tickle your taste buds at the Asian cuisine festival hosted by Master Chef Zong Shou Chen at Trident BKC!

Enter the Dragon and tickle your taste buds at the Asian cuisine festival hosted by Master Chef Zong Shou Chen at Trident BKC!


Elsie Gabriel


If you are looking for some real authentic Chinese food, simply head to the Trident at the B.K.C Mumbai. I sure did enter the Dragon food festival and was swept away with the fresh and luscious oriental specialties. I was happy to have been invited by the 022 at the Trident Mumbai and  welcomed by Chef Jeevan Singh who graciously explained the fineries of the Chinese spread. The open cooking alleys spread with colours and smells of China could only be curated by the master himself-  Chef Zong Shou Chen!


I loved my tete a tete with the master as we kept hitting the google translate each time to converse. I found it quite fascinating and the entire google conversation actually stirred up quite an appetite after all. The master loves Shezuan as his favorite Chinese style of cooking and he also translated that he is super happy with the great response he was getting. His smiles and face expressions take it all away as he surveys his kingdom of the endless spread, with a pleasing frown. He pleased us by offering glazed baked crispy pork and of course the water chestnut in Chinese style was my best. You don’t need to know the language to find love in the food, do you?

 It is here that the guests fall in love with life, all over again! Delicate chandeliers adorn the entrances and neatly cut staircases take you to the all day dining inhouse bay. Being one of the most reputed BKC hotel, The Trident here knows how to treat and pamper their guests to their heart’s content. This luxury hotel  is equipped with the best of recipes along with the most valued team of chefs.

The Oriental culinary tour of items displayed before your eyes from all over Asia was amazing. For instance the Butanese style vegetarian momo’s were drop dead delicate. Light oriental cuisine is perhaps the real way to treat yourself as the lip-smacking aromas infuse within your tastebuds only to enhance your appetite without leaving you too full. No overpowering tastes, just subtle hints keeping the flavours of the salmon and pork all so simple.  

I loved the use of fresh herbs and light cooking.The steamed Salmon with assorted vegetables were simply exotic. The festival is on till the end of the month, so pamper your eyes and palates with a wonderful spread of soups, starters, main course and desserts. The Trident is really world class and it never fails to disappoint me, ever!

PS-The Wine wall ascends and descends each time you watch the array through the glass lifts, only because the wines are stored showcased beautifully adjacent to the lifts plying up and down to the floors. It’s a sight to behold,you have to simply visit the place to take in the opulence!