Sunday, October 25, 2015

Leela Mumbai Green Oasis! “Bringing the world closer, with one review at a time”, Holiday IQ by Elsie Gabriel

“Bringing the world closer, with one review at a time”, Holiday IQ

Rapid increasing interest in the travel world by people all over the world, brought Holiday.IQ to get a handful of hardcore travelers and vacation writers together, on a discussion ‘journey’ over luncheon at the LEELAS Mumbai. is an online travel  information portal supported by firsthand comments and reviews from travelers all over the world. Yes, believe it or not they get over  millions views a day, real, organic and true stories, ‘in your face’ true tales, which mince no words. I can tell you that if you simply download the app or visit the site online, you will see that you get minute details and hints of every spot on the planet visited, either in its exotic form or in the raw; blatantly telling you to keep away. So if you are set to travel, simply log onto to Holiday IQ before you pack!!


 All great travel apps have one thing in common, they all solve a problem you didn’t even realize you had. That said, with the Holiday IQ app you will be cutting down journey times, pointing you in the direction of authentic local hangouts, or simply showing you how to ask for the washrooms in the local language or help you to choose the best room in the hotel. So browse well, choose well and after you have travelled, please do get back on and review.

 The Leela never fails to disappoint me when I visit. Green lucious trees and endless plants surround the hotel. Keeping carbon footprints in check right from the entrance all the way upto the equsite lobby.Keeping its promise, at Leela Mumbai I was welcomed with utmost courtesy, totally unrushed at the entrance.

The travellers forum took place at the lobby level quant, little and cozy outlet called the Six Degrees. Vibrant music, small plates and expertly crafted cocktails define Six Degrees, the cosmopolitan bar at The Leela Mumbai. Contemporary décor and floor-to-ceiling selection of premium beverages helps you later unwind as you sip your drink on their spacious poolside connecting terrace.

Of course we were escorted by Sunila Duggal, the hotels communications expert who has all the sophistication required for the hospitality industry, you can see why the Leelas has an added advantage now.

Going deeper into the labyrinths of the kitchen inside, I considered it a rare privilege. Chef Surender Mohan, showed us the fine details of the kitchen workings. Mohan is a name that needs no introduction, makes you fall in love with Indian dishes all over again! The food at Jamavar is divine.

 Mohan has over fifteen years of experience in mastering the art of Indian Cuisine and his eclectic clientele across the globe consider him a true ambassador of India. His zest to bring the hidden treasures of Indian spices and cuisines to Jamavar is evident from the elaborate menu.

Jamavar is the ultimate Indian dining experience providing the best from northern and southern India. Tender kebabs to rich curries. The ambience is warm and inviting with hand-carved wooden screens and flower laden urlis with floating candles .Being garlanded with fresh flowers was only the start to a whole new journey of Kababs and fresh Indian culinary travels from all across the country. I simply gave in.

Again the decor is high profile contemporary with a good eye for comfort and functionality blend with extravagant opulence inspired by India’s rich history. I have to tell you that the hotel is just a five minute’s drive from the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

If you ask me which corner of the hotel, inspired me the most, it was the poolside which enveloped me with all the greenery and swaying palms. Would you believe it, the Leela offers guests an hour of Yoga by the poolside with their trained instructors, a service with the compliments of the hotel. Cascading waterfalls beckon you outside as you sip your drink inside. You sure can’t miss this world class hotel on your journey to Mumbai India. Take it from me.

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